NSX Digital Experience

Acura NSX Web Experience

The NSX is the flagship product for one of the most relevant car companies in the world. Every new car model released after or in combination with the NSX has either technology and or features developed for the NSX. This is Acura Honda's way of giving a little (and sometimes a big) piece of the NSX to every customer. 

The agency was engaged to elevate the digital presence with a complete refresh (web, mobile, social (owned media)). That effort included defining digital strategy, designing the .com web/mobile experience, producing CGI still/video content and implementing a final tech solution to support a series of rolling product launches.  

In concert with the client our strategy effort identified the Build & Price as the MVP for launch with the completion of the flagship vehicle.

Both in the lead up to and during the delivery of that piece of the digital experience (which you can find —› NSX Build & Price), we pitched tens of dozens of ideas. Most of what I'm showing here is the conceptual work that I produced for pitching ideas both internally and to the client. 

Here are a few highlights from the many concepts explored (not including concepts from the other team members).

NSX Build & Price


Build & Price Concepts

Designing an effective and engaging Build & Price is always a challenge. Retail customers want an engaging experience they can share, not a spec sheet line-listing features. 

The NSX was a particular challenge because of the large number of customizable features. Most vehicles have a handful of packages to chose from with interior/exterior color & wheel options as the broadest variables. The NSX is a bespoke super car with a clientele that wants to make choices throughout the entire car. The number of options couldn't be categorized in the typical way. So thinking through how to best walk the customer or fan through the selection process needed to be intentional and considered. 

At the heart of every auto industry digital marketing effort beats a strong Build & Price experience. This is the final step in converting those who have responded to marketing into engaged leads. 


Tell the Story

Throughout the Build & Price experience, the lower portion of each chapter (customizable item section) page was used for telling the deeper story behind the ACURA's incredible engineering and designing process. Every material, part and building process was considered during the design of the NSX. The story behind the inception and engineering of the NSX was very special down to some of the most minute details. This is a marketing opportunity interlaced with the product customization expeirence. 

This is a peek at one of many comps produced to pitch lower page content.