Acura NSX Content Creation

CGI Content Creation

Producing CGI assets for the digital experience was an invaluable ingredient in the marketing content mix. As with any bespoke vehicle, the production cycle was extended in response to insights discovered during the final rounds of product testing. The subsequent product enhancements were easily folded into our content stack (all still and video renderings) because of the "Digital Garage" spun up at the direction of our client partners 3DExcite (a Dessault company). As the final engineering data was updated our CGI model and all of the associated content we created was updated on the fly. This allowed us to sustain our mantra of "truly agile" throughout every aspect of the experience design process. 

The process for producing CGI assets happens in roughly five stages. 

  1. Shot List Creation
  2. ​Lens & Angle Hunting
  3. Look Development
  4. Look & Feel
  5. Color

Each phase is uniquely important. An intentional and considered approach adds layers of value—e.g.: we used the CGI assets in composite graphics without the hurdles typically associated with custom graphic creation. The most valuable "angles" (complete vars) were share with our agency partners producing brand and on-air content. This proved very valuable in establishing a consistent marketing profile for both the brand and the product. 

The immediate needs that drove the need for this content were the: 

  • Build & Price - The core driver for sales per nearly every automotive marketing web experience
  • Web & Mobile Digital Marketing - CGI content was central throughout the web/mobile experience
  • Digital Advertising Content - Desktop, mobile, pre-roll video, social media ad network paid advertisements
  • Social Media Content - This content was used throughout the year to augment the content shared by the social media team  


The website was designed to provide multiple entry points into the lower sales funnel activity. The marketing strategy was designed to reach the car enthusiast, Acura loyalist, NSX cult culture, super-car owners & super-car fans. The web strategy was configured for a three pronged marketing play: competitor conquest, extending brand loyalty, and winning over the skeptic. The content played a vital role in reaching those goals. 

CGI Video Content

As a proof of concept we produced severel pieces of media to demonstrate the flexibility and exstensibility of the CGI production work flow. This is an example of one of the pieces of media. With my direction, the late Theandrew C. (RIP, you are missed) produced this piece. 

This video was meant to be used as a personlized summary at the end of the car configuration process. The final video that was used was much shorter—the file size and process demands exceeded the value of the media experience—i.e.: the latency issues associated with a video file this size outweighed the value it added. We also lightened up the moodiness and pacing of the summary video.