Air Stores Virtual Shopping Experience

The Next Gen Shopping Experience

A virtual retail experience via mobile devices using augmented reality, geo-tagging (geo-fencing) as a marketing platform for exclusive products. The experience almost works like a treasure hunt. The stores are virtual pop-ups that can live anywhere. Think about shopping in a beautiful inspiring atypical space instead of a mall—all with a customized experience in a social environment.



Simultaneously elevating both the mobile and brick & mortar retail experience. AirStores exist where ever the product is best served to dwell. I don't currently have any dystopian predictions for the recent future. Instead I see strong trends among Millennials behavioral patterns making some positive changes on the world we live in. This concept is in response to some of those trends and how they may effect shopping habits in the near future. As data becomes more fluid because of larger/faster networks we should start to see the big brands implement technology that has been tested, honed and mastered by technologists. The bleeding edge is always buzzy worthy, but developing an implementable solution to solving customers needs and deliver a unique experience is extremely valuable.